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The original idea of this blog was to try and raise awareness of the Guinness Surger unit, in the hope that Diageo UK would see that there is still consumer interest in the unit.

Whilst the goal of having Guinness Surger cans reintroduced to the UK retail market hasn't yet been realised, there has been a push by Diageo UK towards the On-Trade market. This has seen Surger Units appearing in more and more smaller venues across the UK. The upside of this is that there are a larger number of suppliers, both online and offline, holding stock of Surger cans. This is now making it much easier for the general public to get a hold of the cans.

I would obviously still like to see the cans reintroduced to the retail market. Please help me achieve this goal by visiting this Blog for updates and by becoming a follower. The more followers I have signed up the better chance we have of getting the Surger cans reintroduced.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Why is Guinness Surger no longer available in UK shops?

Good question!

Diageo UK decided to withdraw the home Surger Unit after a 2 year trial. The reason they gave to the many customers who had forked out £16.99 for the unit was that the uptake wasn't as they had hoped for.

Tesco, who were the retail partner in this trial, were obviously not happy at having stock in their warehouses and shelves which wasn't selling either.

So why did it not sell as well as had been hoped for? Well one reason could be the marketing or more likely the lack of marketing. Do you remember all those adverts on TV for the "NEW GUINNESS SURGER UNIT"? or the full page ads in the national papers stating "GUINNESS DRAUGHT SURGER - BRING A TASTE OF DUBLIN HOME"?

No?!........Why not?

The reason you don't remember seeing any of this, is that it never happened! The only marketing I was ever aware of was on the website. Now I know that in this day and age most people have some sort of access to the internet, but for this to be the only outlet for advertising what is, in my opinion, the best take home version of Guinness ever to be sold, shows a lack of enthusiasim on Diageo's part.

Now that the bar-top Surger Unit seems to be taking off pretty well across the world, I think it's about time that Diageo UK gave the home unit another try or at the very least make Guinness Surger cans readily available to the general public. The cans are being produced in the UK, so why not sell them to people who actually want to buy them?

So far it's been a rocky year for Diageo. As the global recession deepens and consumer confidence remains low, they have been cutting costs and shedding jobs to protect their profits. In January, they said they may change or abandon $1.1 billion plans to reform production in Ireland and open a new state-of-the-art brewery.

If they need to increase sales then why not sell Surger cans to the public?

It's not all about sales though is it? It's about quality too. Two quotes I found on the internet back up this statement.

The first is from Master Brewmaster Fergal Murray - "Quality is the most important element of Guinness growth around the world. We have to have a visual experience, then a quality experience. And when you come to do an innovative product, you can't let the quality down."

Guinness Group marketing manager Matt Brand,referring to the Surger Unit, also said “(Customers) will now be able to order a draught Guinness in a much wider range of bars and trust that the quality, taste and presentation is exactly the same as it would be in Dublin"

I also just came across the following statement on the USA Guinness site - "
In our relentless pursuit for the perfect pint of GUINNESS® Draught no matter where you are, we present the GUINNESS® Draught Surger® device."
Notice they say "NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE"....well doesn't this included at home too?

If the guys at Guinness are truely serious about what they say with regards to the quality and presentation of their products, then why are people who want to drink Guinness at home being forced into buying an inferior product.......the Guinness Draught Widget can? Sure, the Widget can has done a good job for the past 21 years in giving us an imperfect version of the smooth and creamy Draught Guinness that we're used to getting at the pub, but times change, technology moves on and processes are refined. Guinness has achieved this refinement in the Surger Unit and Surger cans. So come on Guinness, give us what we want.....Surger cans in shops....NOW!

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Malcolm said...

Your history says that in 2009 Surger guinness is available in Europe to licenced premises. Who from and where can licenced premises get it please?

Malcolm said...

I reckon they pulled surger from the UK shops because of pressure from the pubs. Big price difference and better guinness!

Guinness Surger said...

Malcolm I couldn't reply to you directly as you have not enabled that facility. Where are you in Europe?

Malcolm Maxwell said...

Hi Guinness Surger
I live near Ayamonte, a town on the Spanish border with Portuguese Algarve. If I could get hold of Surger Guinness I could sell gallons!

Guinness Surger said...

Malcolm, your drinks supplier should be able to get a hold of them for you. If you are struggling try this company they are based in Spain.

Good luck!

paddle9 said...

Hi. Thanks for the website. I bought a unit some years ago. I have one can left - it's in my bedroom!! I wonder how it will keep?

I remember bulk-buying a lod of packs when they announced the withdrawal date.

Where can I get a list of London pubs who serve surger Guinness?


Guinness Surger said...

Hi paddle9,

Getting any information on the Surger unit is very difficult. I really don't know where you would find a list of such pubs. You could always try sending an email to Guinness, but I reckon even they won't know the answer :(

I now have a contact in Scotland for the Surger cans. Unfortunately they do not cover England.

Let me know how you get on.

Good luck!

Anne said...

I'd be pleased to find ANY contact in Europe who'd ship surger cans to Germany. I am really desperate. :(
Any idea?

Guinness Surger said...


Try emailing this person, Raimund Lenz at

I bought a bar top Surger unit from him a while back, so he may be able to get you the cans as he is based in Austria.

Hope this helps!

Let me know how you get on.

Marianne said...


I bought my husband a surger unit and cans when we lived in England. We now live in the US (Hawaii) and cannot find surger cans anywhere and when we ask about them no one knows what we are talking about!
It's my husbands birthday next week and I would love to be able to get hold of some cans for him. Please help, it doesn't have to be in Hawaii, preferably West coast USA (but anywhere in the US will do too)!

Guinness Surger said...


I have sent you an email.


Anonymous said...

I have two surger units - and no cans! you said that you had a contact in Scotland. That's where I am - maybe I could do business with your contact?

Guinness Surger said...

Hi Scott,

Send me an email to


Patrick said...

Is there anyway to get a unit and cans in the US Chicago area?

Guinness Surger said...


Probably the easiest way to get a unit would be to buy one on Ebay. As for the cans, send me an email to and I'll send you the details of a couple of comapanies who "may" be able to help.

Lula said...

Im in Brazil is that a way to buy surger cans here? Does it work with normal Guinnes cans?

Guinness Surger said...


You cannot use normal Guinness cans, you must use the special Guinness Surger cans.

I'm sure the Surger is available in Brazil, but unfortunately I don't have any details of suppliers in that region.

Good luck!

Tonymb said...

im in the uk and can lay my hands on as many cans as i want, i use the surger in my bar!

The Don said...

Guinness Surger cans are available from all Booker Cash & Carry in the UK, (And all other good wholesalers) granted you probably need to be in the trade to gain access.

Anonymous said...

Like wise they are available from Makro cash and carry. Again trade only.

I was at the suffolk show the other day. They were testing one f these in a beer tent. Announcing it as the new surger unit from diaggio.

Both these tit bits have lead me to believe that Hence finding this site on google

Fingers crossed there may be a relaunch soon.

Anonymous said...

Makro and Costco cash and carries aren't just for the trade, anybody can join and shop there, but you have to become a member.

shopping stores said...
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Guinness Surger said...

Thanks for all the helpful tips and comments people.

There certainly does seem to be an increase in the number of bars and restaurants using the bar-top Surger unit and a greater number of wholesalers stocking the cans too.

As someone else said above, hopefully this will eventually lead to a relaunch of the home Surger unit.

Anonymous said...

I contacted Diageo when they were pulling the plug and reading between the lines, I suspect that they had an exclusive deal with Tesco that they could not get out of and that Tesco's pathetic attempts to market and sell the product meant that Diageo were losing money hand over fist, and the only way out was to discontinue the product. The fact that it is now available in bars only leads me to believe that that the exclusivity on the contract is coming to an end and that perhaps we may see the surger re-introduced through sensible sales channels as people are introduced to the product through the trade. In the meantime I am going to get my cans through a friend who runs a bar!

Anonymous said...

I have found a company based in London, Monarchy Catering.

db 188 said...

Guinness Surger cans available at Makro cash and carry and also surger units at £14.99 + VAT (buy two cases of surger get a surger unit free.14/12/2010.Happy Days

Anonymous said...

Buy online here: £34.99 for 24 520ml cans complete with free surger for every pack

Anonymous said...

I ordered 2 lots of the Drinks Direct offer today - although whether or not I can find a buyer for the second surger gadget is another matter. Great offer, great price at £1.46 per can and free machine :)

Jamie Provan said...

hey there, i noticed in a previous comment you stated you now know a scottish supplier of guinness surger cans, anychance you could let me know who that is ?

thanks alot, Jamie from Scotland.

NH said...

Drinks Direct has an offer - you have to purchase 24 surger cans and you get a free surger unit with this. Here's the link:-


dintissgriff said...

I have 1 surger unit for sale if anyone is interested. Best offer (I do have a 2nd. but need to find it first.) (1st edition)

Anonymous said...

im interested in Guinness Surger unit (just the unit), the problem is i am in Jakarta, Indonesia, will pay for the shipping fee.
my contact:

Anonymous said...

As the son of a former high up in Diageo I am gutted to find that I can now only get the cans by paying an extortionate price to a third party. Not even available thru the staff shop anymore!!! Come on Diageo, bring back your best guinness since the pint I had in the pub!!

Anonymous said...

When the Surger cans we introduced, me like many of my friends never heard of it till it ceased being sold to the public
We now have a unit but have to pay high prices for the cans
Please once again make them available in supermarkets, I am sure with a little advertising they will be a success
Regards, Darren.

Anonymous said...

you can buy surger cans in the U.K,MAKRO sell them, 24 cans for just over £36, value. So dont bother eith these overpriced online disributors.
Ted from Everton

Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of Guinness surger until 2 weeks ago. Fantastic product & I cant believe how hard it is to get your hands on the unit or the cans.

For consistently high quality, its going to take a lot to beat it.

Great site btw

C'mon Diageo UK, lets make this thing happen.

Sussex Guinness drinker

Anonymous said...

Another Crap attempt to fob the consumer off with an inferior product whose only virtue is it looks like Guiness. Real Guiness requires careful handling & sufficient sales to ensure freshness. If you want Guiness at home, buy the bottled version!

Anonymous said...

If this is the only way I can get a guinness in a pub then i think i will pass.
It tasted foul, give me a proper keg anytime.

teasy weasy said...

I too have tried (in vain) to get any info on the whereabouts of the domestic surger unit. My local bar owner(Wayne at the Parsonage, Worthing) has had one installed and I am now a new and enthusiastic consumer of the brown stuff. I will ask him for the name of his supplier of cans (there seems to be no problem there) but he knows not of the domestic version . I suppose if you were desperate you could feasably buy the pub version and fit it to your kitchen worktop LOL!

Sapherys said...

I tried to find Guinness surger cans and units here in France but hard to find and they only sell the big surger unit for more than 240€!
Can somebody tell me where to buy it? Is delivery from Uk-Onlineshops possible?


Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm italian and i'm a proud owner of the Surger, i want to buy the cans cause my stock is finished but i can't find, please help me.

Anonymous said...

I have just ordered surger cans from and they are shipping them to Italy for me for £20. Really helpful team of staff as well.

Guinness Surger said...

The 330ml cans are available in Italy. I have a friend there who installed a Surger unit in his bar 5 years ago and has been getting regular stock from his supplier since then.

Anonymous said...

My family bought a surgery for me for Xmas 2013 but as I live in jersey uk they could not get sent to the channel islands they tried by asking another family member living in England but they had the same problem they could not send the Guinness surger cans but did send the surger.
I managed to get a couple of cases but now my brother in the uk is stuck with 2 cases and unable to find a surgery unit to buy can anyone help

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where I can purchase a guinness surger unit please?

Charles Cooper said...

We sell packs of Surger cans from stock....

What is Guinness Surger?

Guinness Surger is a version of Guinness Draught which comes in a can, but doesn't contain a widget. Instead the can contains liquid versions of nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

How does it work? The Guinness Surger unit works using ultra-sonic technology. At the touch of a button, the Surger sends an ultra-sonic pulse through the pint glass, releasing the gases in the Guinness beer, which then settles into a smooth velvet pint with a creamy head.

Get a cold can of Surger Guinness, pour a little water on to the plate of the surger unit. Next, pour your can of Guinness into a pint glass at a 45º angle. Now, place your glass of freshly poured Guinness onto the plate of water on the Surger unit. Now hit the button on the unit. Watch as the gases are activated and the beer starts to surge. Wait for 119.5 seconds and then you can enjoy a Guinness just as good as any pub in Dublin.

Guinness Surger History

1977 - Guinness experimented with a primitive version of the system in 1977 in New York.

2003 – Japan & Singapore - The bar-top Surger Unit was launched in Japan and in its first year of use showed 60 per cent growth in sales of Guinness.

March 2006 - Guinness introduced the home version of the Surger Unit in the UK. Backed initially by a £2.5 million marketing spend, the device was available at larger Tesco stores and retailed at £16.99 in a pack containing a pint glass and two 520ml cans of Guinness Surger. Four-can packs of Surger also retailed at £4.99.

In 2007 there was a similar home Surger pack made available through Isetan stores in Singapore. This pack contained 2 pint tumblers and retailed at $49.90 (SGD)

14th November 2007 – Bar-top Surger announced for the USA. Brewmaster, Fergal Murray travelled around various locations in the US promoting the use of the unit.

April 2008 – Home version of the Guinness Surger Unit within the UK is withdrawn. Sales of Guinness Surger cans are also withdrawn from Tesco stores.

2009 - The bar-top Surger unit is now available worldwide, including countries such as UK, USA, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Australia, Japan. Guinness Surger cans are available to licensed premises in the following sizes – UK and Spain 520ml, USA 14.9 Fl Oz, Europe 330ml, Japan 350ml and Australia 375ml.

Where can I buy Guinness Surger?